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How to Use SMS Marketing to Generate New Revenue

Finding a way to generate new revenue for your business doesn't have to be as hard as you imagine.

A successful SMS marketing campaign can be an easy and inexpensive way to reach out to your potential clients as well as engage with your existing customers.

The best thing about SMS marketing is that it can cut through the clutter and get peoples attention in a way no other marketing techniques can match.

In this article we'll look at how SMS marketing works, why it's so effective and how you can implement it in your business today.

How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business?

One of the great ironies of marketing is that sometimes the newest, most cutting-edge technologies are not always the best in terms of reaching your target audience. That's especially the case since ad blocking and spam filters can make sure customers may not even find the ad message in the first place!

But SMS marketing is different.

A beautifully crafted SMS message goes directly to a consumer's phone and the open rates for SMS messages are nothing but fantastic— in the upwards of 98%.

That's not something you're likely to find with any other marketing medium, where even 40% open rate for email messages is considered great.

Even in terms of generating revenue, SMS marketing does a couple of things really well.

It's good for sending out promos to attract consumers to your website. The best way to send out a promo is to make it an SMS-exclusive deal so that a consumer has a reason to visit your website, use the code and purchase a product of their choice.

An SMS message is also a great way to promote a mobile app. It's easy to put a link in an SMS message that will take a customer directly to the app store to download your app or game. If the message is well designed it can create a series of micro engagements for your app which will serve as a funnel to help your business make more sales.

Since the development of a mobile app is a one-time cost, and sending bulk SMS messages is inexpensive, an SMS marketing campaign is a great way to increase sales and grow revenue of with ease.

Also, receiving an SMS reply from customers is free so an SMS marketing campaign can be a great way to start the initial interaction with your new customers.

You can even set up polls or allow customers to vote on an upcoming product or service. Customers love to feel like they have a voice in a how a business makes its decisions and an SMS poll is a great way to give people that chance to express their opinion.

The Advantages of SMS Marketing

There are many advantages to using SMS marketing— more than most people would guess. There are more than 5 billion people on the planet with a mobile phone. That makes SMS message campaigns one of the most reliable ways to reach out to people, especially those who have little or no access to the internet. SMS does not depend on an internet connection and it's also more likely to reach people who don't go online quite often, like the elderly or those living in rural communities.

An SMS marketing campaign is also significantly cheaper than a traditional marketing campaign. Firs thing first, bulk SMS is cheap, it only costs about $0.01 per message in the United States. Secondly, since an SMS message is so short it's possible for you, or someone at your business, to write out an entire campaign.

There is no need to hire an expensive copywriter or advertising agency.

Finally, as with other forms of marketing, an SMS message is highly trackable. You can track the open rates, how long it took someone to open it after receiving the SMS and what links they clicked on in the message. This can help you to further improve the campaign over time as you figure out what works and what doesn't.

How Can Help With Your SMS Marketing Campaign?

While there are many bulk SMS providers out there is one of the best. For starters their service allows marketers to send out surveys as well as feedback requests so that interacting with customers is easy.

All inbound text messages are free and outbound rates start around $0.01 per message and go up to about $0.06, depending on the country. is also a highly reliable company with excellent SMS delivery rates.

With you won't have to worry about whether the SMS will reach its destination or not. also has a global reach, which implies that you can send your campaign messages to customers located in any country in the world.

That's convenient not only for international customers but also for reaching out to people who happen to be out of the country when you start the campaign message.

Finally, has a great free trial program so that you can get acquainted with the service without paying a dime. The free trial doesn't even require a credit card so there's no risk involved.

To get started today just create an account, write out the message you'd like to send, select who you'd like to send it to and will handle the rest!

Start your free trial today!

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