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How Your Small Business Can Benefit From an SMS Gateway API Integration

An SMS gateway API is the easiest way to integrate bulk SMS messaging into your marketing strategy. An SMS gateway API is easy to set up and can make it extremely affordable to send out bulk SMS messages to your clients and potential customers.

In this article we'll evaluate how your small business can integrate an API connection, the benefits of it and how can help your company grow.

What's an SMS Gateway API Integration?

Beyond sending messages, an SMS gateway also allows a company to receive delivery reports, track which links a customer clicks and also determine how long it takes for people to open the message from the time of receipt. This can make an SMS gateway a useful tool for split A/B testing to determine which advertising campaigns are most effective.

Setting up an SMS gateway is fairly simple and can be done in a day.

Although it will be necessary to hire a professional programmer to do the initial set up the connection shouldn't take more than a day to be up and running.

An SMS gateway is affordable for most small businesses. Since it uses an API connection it's very versatile and can connect to most computers regardless of what operating system your company uses.

After the SMS gateway has been connected to your company's computer system it's very simple to get started. With a simple program you can import your existing contact lists, draft a new message, choose which contacts to send it to and then send out the message. This way you can have complete control over who you send messages to so it is possible to do split-testing or send preferential promotions to longtime customers.

How to Use an SMS Gateway?

As mentioned, a gateway also allows you to receive incoming texts from customers. Since these will be displayed via a computer program they're easier to read and reply to versus the messages being displayed on a phone.

How Can an SMS Gateway Contribute to My Business's Bottom Line?

The most important feature of an SMS gateway is its ability to increase customer engagement. In today's super saturated media landscape it can be hard to cut through the noise and actually make a meaningful impression on customers.

An SMS, however, feels personal and, most importantly, SMS message have an astounding open rate. While a 20% open rate for email campaigns is normal, SMS marketing campaigns often have a 95% open rate. That means your small business can reach more people, get more clicks and eventually make more sales.

Also, at about $0.01 per text within the United States, a bulk SMS campaign using a SMS gateway can be very affordable. Since you only pay for the total number of sms sent it also becomes a viable marketing method for small businesses that don't have an extensive marketing budget.

Finally, SMS marketing is a great option because it doesn't require an expensive advertising agency. Due to the brief nature of an SMS message it's possible to write an entire marketing campaign in-house and save thousands of dollars vis-a-vis having to pay an expert copywriter. Plus, with all of the advanced tracking tools that an SMS gateway offers it's easy to do your own analytics and improve the efficacy of your marketing over time.

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