Salesforce SMS Integration

SMS for Salesforce is a professional application designed for Enterprises that brings Messaging capabilities to your Salesforce CRM. SMStoForce is a zero-code solution that enables Salesforce-native texting. Empower your sales team to engage in meaningful 1 way or 2 way SMS conversations with your customers and create automated flows or marketing campaigns to increase your sales success rate.

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Automated/Triggered Texting

Send SMS with Workflows, Process Builders or Apex Methods

Batch Texting - Bulk SMS

Easy Batch Texting via Views, Reports or Campaigns

SMS Templates

Easy to create and customisable with any object or associated fields

Conversational 1-on-1 texting

Threaded text messages on any object with conversation view VF page

Email Alerts on Incoming SMS

Email reply to incoming notification sends SMS response - a must for mobile users

Hyperlink Click Tracking

The app comes with shortlink SMS tracking to identify number of clicks on links in your SMS messages

Salesforce SMS Conversations

Send 1-on-1 messages through "Conversation View", a single-window view of all conversation histories in one pane that:

  • Has a "chat-like" interface similar to popular mobile messaging apps with zero-learning curve for end user.
  • Supports filters over chat history by dates, words, unread messages, messages marked important.
  • Gets you Delivery Reports and auto-refreshed chats.
  • Stores all your conversations under “SMS History” custom object.

Salesforce SMS Plugin Compatibility

Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance Salesforce Editions.

Supports all Standard and Custom objects.

Works on Lightning and Classic Salesforce versions.

Supports Salesforce Orgs where Person Accounts and multi-currencies are enabled.

Compatible with Salesforce Communities, Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Marketo.

Optimized for Salesforce mobile app.

Receives incoming alerts over:

  • Utility Bar
  • Audible Notifications on Salesforce
  • Email Notifications

Bulk SMS from Salesforce

Filter & choose any volume of recipients to broadcast messages.

Use scheduled automation to cut back on manual work and time-investment to send messages in bulk.

Schedule any form of message (SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Voicemail) and send it in bulk through:

  • List Views
  • Campaigns
  • Salesforce Reports
  • Conversation Manager

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