Bulk SMS in Eastern Europe and How It’s Shaping Retail: Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a small nation of just over seven million people located in Eastern Europe. Though the nation lacks the extensive infrastructure and development of some of its neighbors, it is quickly establishing itself as a prime location for SMS marketing in Europe.

Bulk SMS in Bulgaria

By understanding the current digital and smartphone statistics in Bulgaria, business owners can begin to gain a better view of what doing business in the nation could mean for them. For this reason, we’ll go over some of the key reasons why companies should look into bulk SMS marketing in the small European nation. As it turns out, there are several positives to engaging in this form of marketing there, all of which could turn huge profits for business owners.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few statistics.

Bulgaria Overview

At first, the thought of establishing an SMS marketing campaign in Bulgaria may seem counterproductive. After all, the nation is well-known for its lack of digital infrastructure and its lagging behind its other European neighbors in terms of urban development. Despite this, there are a number of clear reasons why engaging in bulk SMS marketing in Bulgaria is a smart idea for any business.

Specifically, they are:

  1. Growing E-commerce Market: Currently, around 2.6 million of Bulgaria’s seven million-strong population engage in some form of e-commerce. Experts believe that nearly one million more will engage in online shopping in the next three years. This means that Bulgaria looks to sizably increase the number of e-commerce shoppers within its boundaries. As you can imagine, this is good news for any online businesses that wish to advertise in Bulgaria. With a growing market, the country represents the prime opportunity for businesses that wish to maximize their profits through bulk SMS.
  2. Increasing Smartphone Penetration: As of the time of this writing, only around 48% of Bulgarians own a smartphone. That number may sound low—and it is—but over the next four years, experts are predicting that the percentage will increase to 60% as more and more Bulgarian s get their hands on a smart device. With smartphone ownership increasing at such an exponential rate, it only makes sense that businesses take advantage of this opportunity to secure their market space and outgain the competition. As an increasing number of Bulgarians turn to smartphones for their daily needs, SMS looks to play a more critical role in how Bulgarian and foreign retail corporations do business in the nation. For this reason, it’s crucial that businesses act fast to capitalize on these positive trends before they are beaten to the chase.
  3. Online Shoppers: Another positive trend is that an increasing number of Bulgarians look to do their shopping from their mobile phones. While 89% of current Bulgarian e-commerce shoppers do their shopping from a desktop (and only 5% from their mobile devices), more widespread proliferation of smartphones will likely change this. This means that bulk SMS marketing will be more important and effective than ever for businesses across the nation.

The Bottom Line

Bulk SMS marketing in Bulgaria looks to play a more critical role in national retail over the coming years. With a constantly growing digital landscape, the Eastern European nation is rapidly advancing onto the modern scene. This means that it’s crucial for businesses to take advantage of these trends to make the most out of a prime opportunity to reach more consumers and grow their profits.

Bulk SMS in Eastern Europe and How It’s Shaping Retail: Serbia

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With a population of just over seven million people, Serbia is witnessing steady growth in its digital sector. Though the nation does not enjoy the same rates of smartphone use and urban development as some of its Eastern European neighbors, Serbia is making constant strides in getting its population more connected.

Bulk SMS in Serbia

This means that there’s never been a better time to engage in bulk SMS marketing in Serbia. With technological integration on the uptick, it’s time for business owners to take advantage of potential growth opportunities to maximize their Serbian profits.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some key SMS statistics to see how engaging in SMS marketing in Serbia could help transform the future of national retail.

Serbia Overview

Unlike some of its European neighbors, Serbia does not enjoy high rates of Internet or smartphone penetration or even urban development in general. For this reason, the thought of investing in SMS marketing in Serbia may at first seem like a headscratcher. Despite this, there are a variety of positives that should encourage business owners who are looking to maximize their profits through SMS in the small European nation.

But what are these positives? Specifically, they are:

  • Increasing Smartphone Penetration: As of 2019, smartphone penetration in Serbia is still relatively low, hanging around 48%. This means that less than half the population currently enjoys smartphone use. Despite this, businesses should be encouraged by the fact that this number is expected to grow to around 54% over the next few years. This means that smartphone penetration is growing faster in Serbia than in most nations around Europe. This represents a prime business opportunity for retail companies who wish to get a leg up on a burgeoning market. In other words, there’s never been a better time to engage in SMS marketing in Serbia.
  • Digital Revolution: But it’s not just the rate of smartphone penetration that should have business owners excited about doing business in Serbia. Currently, only 62% of Serbians have Internet access; however, this number is expected to jump to over 67% in the next three years. This means that more Serbians than ever will be engaging in e-commerce shopping—which businesses can directly tie into their SMS marketing campaigns to take their profits to the next level. As can be seen, the entire digital landscape of Serbia is advancing at a rapid rate. This means that businesses can make a pretty penny by jumping on the bulk SMS train now and establishing themselves as key players in the field.

The Bottom Line

On the surface, Serbia may not feel like a flashy option. In fact, with less than half of the nation’s population owning a smartphone, the thought of engaging in SMS marketing in Serbia may be confusing at first. When you realize, however, that technology is changing at record rates around the country, it becomes understandable that businesses should be scrambling to set up SMS marketing campaigns in Serbia. Investing in SMS today could be the difference between boom or bust, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity today!

Bulk SMS in Eastern Europe and How It’s Shaping Retail: Cyprus

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With an urban population totaling nearly 70% and one of the highest number of Internet users in the European Union, Cyprus is a hotspot for SMS activity. With several major carriers available for bulk SMS, the nation is primed for a new age of marketing.

Cyprus Bulk SMS

The state of technology and smartphone penetration in Cyprus make it a strong candidate for the introduction and proliferation of SMS marketing. Companies looking to take advantage of a prime market opportunity should look to Cyprus for their bulk SMS needs.

For this reason, let’s take a quick look at some Cyprus statistics and see why the country offers great opportunities for businesses that wish to take advantage of bulk SMS.

Cyprus Overview

Why is bulk SMS in Cyprus so effective? In truth, there are a variety of reasons why the small island nation is so conducive to bulk SMS marketing. Specifically, the country has:

  • High Smartphone Penetration: Though the population of Cyrus rests only around 864,200 individuals, the number of documented smartphones used in the country sits around 1,200,378. This puts smartphone penetration in the island nation at an astonishing 139%–making it one of Europe’s prime locations for bulk SMS. As can be seen, much of the population owns not only one smartphone, but two, making bulk SMS one of the most effective marketing strategies available. What’s more, with a relatively young population, it’s likely that this number will only increase in the coming years.
  • Strong Urban Population:2% of those in Cyprus live in urban areas. This means that an overwhelming majority of Cyprians are adjusted to and have embraced modern technology. This makes bulk SMS a smart and effective marketing strategy for Cyprus. With only around 30% of Cyprians living in rural areas—and with this number declining on an annual basis—it can be expected that technology and smartphones will only play bigger role in the island nation for years to come. This means that businesses that take advantage of bulk SMS marketing now can get in while the going is good and secure market space for the future.
  • Variety of SMS Networks: SMS infrastructure in Cyprus is strong, with several supported networks available. Specifically, the country boasts Cyta, Primetel, MTN, and Callsat. As such, the market in Cyprus can be said to be diverse and competitive, making it a prime location for bulk SMS marketing. The next few years will likely see an increase in this competition as more and more businesses turn to SMS marketing in Cyprus for their retail needs.

The Bottom Line

Though Cyprus is one of the most scarcely populated nations in Europe, it boasts a large urban population and high smartphone penetration, making it a prime location for bulk SMS marketing. Companies that wish to further their marketing strategies in Cyprus can revolutionize their business by taking advantage of growing SMS trends. Over the next few decades, this tactic looks to transform the state of retail in Cyprus, helping further develop and modernize the small island nation.

Bulk SMS In Africa: How SMS Is Shaping Up in South Africa

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The richest country in Africa, South Africa has more commercial opportunities than any other place on the continent. What’s more, it’s home to the area’s richest population and one of the strongest middle classes, making it a popular place for businesses.

Bulk SMS in South Africa

Even better, a strong digital presence in the region has allowed the digital revolution to reign supreme. Unlike other African countries that are still looking to modernize, South Africa proves home to some of the continent’s most modern cities.

Because of this, SMS marketing enjoys a strong presence in South Africa. With many in the nation taking advantage of its many benefits, it’s time to see just what is driving the strength of bulk SMS in the nation. To do so, consider the information below.

South Africa: An Overview

South Africa’s wealth and comparative region power make it one of the most business-friendly nations on the continent. Because of this, South Africans enjoy a number of international and local businesses—many of which make use of SMS marketing.

But why is SMS marketing such a hit in South Africa? Consider the following reasons:

  • Very Large Urban Population

With approximately 65% of its population living in urban areas, South Africa is a powerhouse in Africa. What’s more, this has attracted a large number of international businesses, many of which favor using SMS marketing as part of their strategies.

Additionally, this large urban population is known for spending money—and for being responsive to marketing campaigns. SMS marketing, in particular, can be an effective form of advertising to this growing population.

  • A large Number of Millennials

Even better, a large number of this population consists of millennials—and if there’s one thing about millennials, it’s that they know how to use a smartphone.

In fact, any would say that millennials spend too much time on their phones—which is a good thing, of course, if you’re looking to reach them through SMS marketing.

Because of this, South Africa boasts a population familiar and friendly with SMS marketing. This means that adding this great marketing technique to your South African strategy can help put you in touch with more consumers in no time.

  • Fierce Competition

Do be mindful, however, that the SMS market in South Africa is thriving. For this reason, it’s best that you get started early—because you’ll likely be competing with a number of other businesses to get your target customer base.

The Bottom Line

By having a robust SMS marketing campaign, you can begin boosting your top of mind awareness to get a great return on your investment. This can also help you solidify your market standing and get a leg up on your competitors.

Remember that because the SMS marketing opportunities in this nation are quite large, you can expect to see a great return on your investment. And with nearly 40% of the country using smartphones—that’s over twenty million people—this almost seems like a no brainer.

Bulk SMS in Africa: How SMS Is Shaping Up in Ghana

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Ghana is one of the most successful countries in Africa—for both the population and for business owners. But if you’re really looking to take your business in Africa to the next level, you’ll need to take advantage of one of the hottest forms of digital marketing around.

Bulk SMS in Ghana

That’s right—bulk SMS has become one of the most effective means to reach consumers in Ghana. As the nation digitizes, it’s becoming an increasingly-effective means of reaching consumers.

And it’s something that businesses aren’t looking to miss out on. If you’re looking to know more about the rise of bulk SMS in Ghana, consider the information below.

Ghana: An Overview

Bulk SMS has a growing presence in Ghana’s marketing sphere. Business owners who are looking to maximize their profits should consider this effective marketing tool.

But why is it that bulk SMS is as effective as it is? Consider the great reasons below:

  • Young Population

It should come as no surprise that the majority of smartphone users are young—and it’s here that Ghana holds a distinct advantage. With a median age of just 20 years old, Ghana has a young population that’s more receptive to the current technological revolution.

This helps the state of SMS marketing in the country, as the proportion of individuals who are likely to take part in SMS marketing continues to grow.

What’s more, because this young population is so receptive to technology, one can expect that the number of those who are benefitting from SMS marketing will only continue to grow in the years to come. This makes it an incredibly powerful form of marketing in the current landscape.

  • Growing Number of Smartphone Users

What’s more, Ghana has a growing number of smartphone users. This makes the country much more SMS friendly, as a higher percentage of the population will be able to receive texts.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, based on the average age of the citizens. In this way, it can be seen already that the age of Ghana’s citizens has helped it become one of the most SMS-friendly countries in the region.

As a growing number of individuals continue to use smartphones, businesses will be able to use SMS marketing with even greater effect.

Now, the smartphone penetration rate stands at 24%–much higher than that of even Nigeria.  

  • Digital Revolution Is Opening Doors

All of this works to say that the digital revolution is currently hitting Ghana and is opening doors. This is true for both consumers and for businesses, as they both work to understand new methods of contacting and finding one another.

For consumers, new techniques such as SMS marketing and resources such as mobile phones help them find businesses in their area.

For businesses, SMS marketing is starting to prove to be one of the most effective forms of advertising and marketing.

The Bottom Line

Ghana has an incredible urban population and a growing number of smartphone users—making it a hotbed for the growing SMS marketing trend. With more smartphone users certain to be on their way, Ghana proves to be one of the most SMS-marketing-friendly countries in all of Africa.

Bulk SMS in Africa: How SMS Is Shaping Up in Uganda

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With an urban population that accounts for nearly 20% of the country’s total, Uganda enjoys one of the fastest-growing markets for bulk SMS in Africa. Because of this, those looking to do business in Uganda can get ahead of their competitors with an effective bulk SMS strategy.

Bulk SMS in Uganda

What’s more, because Uganda is continually developing, retailers have more opportunities than ever to connect with their customers. Even better, as the technological revolution continues to take hold, more customers are able to be reached through new digital marketing avenues.

For these reasons, those looking to get ahead in Uganda should consider bulk SMS as their marketing tool of choice. If you’re looking to increase your business in this African country, consider the important information listed below.

Uganda: An Overview

Several reasons why business owners should use bulk SMS in Uganda exist. Three of these reasons are:

  • Growing Number of Smartphone Users

Uganda has seen rapid growth over the last decade, and this has translated to an increase in the number of smartphone users in the country. This makes it increasingly friendly to SMS marketing.

Recently, Uganda entered the list of the top 50 countries in the world by smartphone penetration. This indicates just how quickly the country’s number of smartphone users is growing.

This has important ramifications for those who are looking to use SMS in business. Notably, by becoming one of the first to really capitalize on SMS marketing in the country, businesses can get a serious leg up on their competitors. By doing so, they’ll lead the way on a popular new form of digital marketing and cement their business’s reputation.

  • Fast-Growing Economy

Uganda has one of the fastest-growing economies in all of Africa. This has led several businesses to open within the nation, particularly within in its capital city.

This economic growth has spurred on tremendous growth in the nation, creating a new urban class. This urban growth makes Uganda one of the most successful countries in Africa and is continually putting more spending money into the pockets of consumers.

  • Growing Consumer Base

What does a growing number of cellphone users and a fast-growing economy mean for businesses?

Only that the number of individuals who can be reached by bulk SMS is growing. That’s right—with these two factors, the market for bulk SMS continues to grow. As this number continues to increase, businesses can expect their SMS marketing to become even more effective. As of now, Uganda is home to approximately seven million smartphone users—a number that only looks to increase in the years to come.

The Bottom Line

The future of bulk SMS marketing in Uganda appears bright. Due to a number of social and economical conditions, Uganda appears to be on the cusp of their own digital revolution. Already, the efficiency of bulk SMS marketing is continuing to grow, as the country and its population continue to modernize

By keeping this in mind, companies can better make use of their digital marketing and bulk SMS strategies in Uganda.

Bulk SMS in Africa: How SMS Is Shaping Up in Kenya

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In recent years, Kenya has experienced massive urban growth. This has made it great for new retailers, as they cash in on a growing middle class. Despite extreme economic inequality, Kenya has been able to grow its consumer base. This means more business for those who know how to find it.

Bulk SMS in Africa

Even better, Kenya has worked to digitize its population. In this way, a growing portion of the population can now be reached through digital marketing methods, such as SMS. Companies in Kenya would do well to take advantage of these new digital marketing features to get an early leg up on their competition.

Below, we take a look at the state of bulk SMS in Kenya by looking at vital statistics that affect its efficiency.

Kenya: An Overview

Several factors are currently contributing to the rise of the use of bulk SMS in Kenya. What’s more, many of these same reasons work to make it a much more worthwhile practice.

Some of these are:

  • A Growing Urban Population

With an urban population that hovers just a bit over 25%, Kenya proves to be one of the most modern cities in Africa. Additionally, as a growing percentage of the population moves away from traditional practices to embrace modernity, the country has become a hub for new businesses.

What’s more, this population has become increasingly reliant on these businesses—and used to their methods. Even more importantly, however, this growing urban population is also growing in wealth, meaning that they now have the luxury of spending more money.

This makes them much more of a target audience for businesses.

  • More Smartphone Users

Perhaps even more importantly, Kenya has a high cellphone penetration rate. In other words, a growing proportion of the Kenyan population is now using cellphones.

It’s not difficult to see why this is a boon to SMS marketing. As more individuals have access to smartphones, they’re able to receive new SMS updates. This makes it a much more practical and effective method for business owners to reach potential customers.

Currently, Kenya’s cell phone penetration percentage is right at 20%–meaning that millions within the country make use of their cellphones. This proves great for Internet marketers, as they can be sure to reach a significant portion of the population.

  • More Opportunities for Retailers

So what does this all mean for retailers?

That’s an easy question—more opportunities for business. That’s right—with a growing number of people able to spend money, the number of potential customers a business has continues to climb.

However, in order to take advantage of it, businesses need to realize that they’re at the forefront of a digital revolution. This means taking advantage of new bulk SMS opportunities. Fortunately, the practice is becoming increasingly popular—giving retailers more opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Bulk SMS plays an integral part in the marketing methods of many in Kenya. Because of the growing urban and smartphone-using population, the nation is quickly evolving to meet new technological demands.

2-WAY SMS in a Conversational Bot Era

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2-WAY SMS is one of the most powerful features of a strong SMS campaign. With 2-WAY SMS, both businesses and politicians can start to take control and achieve better results.

To understand how to fully implement 2-WAY SMS in your marketing campaign, you’ll need to have an understanding of SMS autoresponders. With this in mind, you’ll be able to maximize your ROI and start to achieve better results.

SMS personailzation

Before you can do this, however, you’ll need to brush up on SMS autoresponders. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this powerful functionality, including what they are and how you can create them. Then, we’ll show you just how important SMS autoresponders can be for you.

What Are SMS Autoresponders?

First, let’s start with an easy question. What are SMS autoresponders?

How about only the best way to personalize your SMS marketing campaign? With autoresponders, you can make your bulk SMS strategy feel individualized. This works through the use of SMS short codes that are tailored to specific customers’ needs.

These autoresponders work by sending out a bulk SMS to which customers can reply with different shortcodes. These shortcodes prompt a different response from your automated system, and this is typically a response that works to address their issues. In this way, customers can get quick and accurate service without having to go through the hassle of speaking to customer service.

With these SMS autoresponders in play, you’ll be able to better handle the needs of your clients and increase your brand’s image.

How Can You Create SMS Autoresponders?

So far, SMS autoresponders sound like a pretty sweet deal, right?

But how can you start capitalizing on them to revamp your SMS marketing campaign? To do so, you’ll likely need the assistance of an autoresponder company. These companies can help you establish an SMS autoresponder platform for your business, allowing you to customize your texts as need be.

Remember that these will work through the use of short and long codes. You’ll need to make sure that you set the codes for each bulk SMS autoresponder to get accurate data.

Benefits of SMS Autoresponders

Several benefits to using autoresponders exist. Consider the following benefits below:

  1. Better Data Tracking

With SMS autoresponders, you’ll be able to better track and meet the needs of your customers. By being able to get customer feedback in real time, you’ll have access to the information you need to improve your business.

This will allow you to make the changes you need to better your ROI.

  1. Customer-Friendly Image

Customers tend to prefer businesses that make them feel as if they have value. With an SMS autoresponder, you can get this image, even if you don’t have a large customer support staff.

Because customers will be able to collect vital information from their autoresponder, you’ll be able to boost your image without relying too heavily on support staff.

What’s more, the quick, convenient nature of the autoresponders will help further boost your brand’s image.

Keep this in mind as you implement your own SMS campaign.

2-WAY SMS for Opinion Polls

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2-WAY SMS has proven an effective option for businesses and politicians alike. By creating a 2-way channel that allows for real-time feedback, 2-way SMS helps provide critical information to both parties.

This proves an invaluable asset for individuals or organizations looking to get feedback from their customers. In this way, 2-WAY SMS allows for these parties to better adapt to customer or constituent needs.


It’s not hard to imagine how this proves incredibly beneficial to both businesses and politicians alike. However, it can be a bit harder fully understanding just how this 2-WAY SMS works. However, with this understanding, you’ll be better on your way to using this powerful functionality for yourself.

Below, we’ll take a look at just how 2-WAY SMS works, but first, let’s consider some of its powerful benefits. Keep these benefits in mind as you work to establish or upgrade your own SMS campaign.

Benefits of 2-WAY SMS

There are several benefits to using 2-WAY SMS. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Better Adaptability

By using 2-WAY SMS, businesses and politicians can get real-time feedback on the needs and wants of their customers. This provides for better adaptability, allowing them to better tailor their campaign structures.

For businesses, this allows management to tailor their practices to better suit consumer tastes. This can increase sales, boost one’s top-of-mind awareness, and even make the business appear more customer-centric.

On the other hand, for politicians, it can have an equally important effect. By understanding the needs, wants, and attitudes of their constituents, politicians can tailor their campaigns for more favorable outcomes. In this way, 2-WAY SMS has become an integral part of the political trail, allowing politicians to increase their chances of winning.

  1. Better Familiarity

What’s more, by having 2-WAY SMS, customers will feel as if their opinions are more appreciated. In this way, businesses can boost their business-friendly image.

This will help set them apart from their competition, as customers tend to gravitate towards businesses that make them feel more appreciated.

How Can 2-WAY SMS Collect Information and Supply It in Real Time

With this in mind, it’s time to consider another question: how does 2-WAY SMS work?

Think of it this way: let’s say you’re a politician sending out bulk SMS. You’re wondering what your constituents think of your stance on a certain issue—say immigration.

By using 2-WAY SMS, you can track this data in real time. 2-WAY SMS works by allowing those on your SMS list to text back a shortcode in the reply. This code will then be translated into trackable information—in our case, a “yes” or a “no,” based on their approval.

As you may be able to tell, 2-WAY SMS provides for a number of creative marketing opportunities. Most importantly, though, it makes for a solid way to collect mass information and keep track of it. In this way, businesses and politicians can keep a better eye on the data that matters to them. For this reason, make sure to add 2-WAY SMS to your campaign.

How Bulk SMS Shapes Retail and Rewards

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Bulk SMS has become a popular marketing method. So popular, in fact, that it’s starting to change the way that businesses do business.

This proves especially true in the retail and rewards sector, where bulk SMS is opening new avenues of communication. By understanding just how SMS is affecting these areas, you can start to capitalize on it for your best benefit.

SMS marketing creative tips

Don’t know where to get started in researching SMS and retail? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll walk you through the information you need to know about SMS and retail. Our comprehensive overview will give you the insight needed to start using this marketing form to your advantage.

SMS and Retail

So just how is SMS shaping retail? Let us count the ways.

The introduction of this powerful new marketing form has caused a transformation in the industry. And if you’re not keeping pace, you may find that your business is going down. By staying on top of these trends, you can ensure that you’re making more business and enjoying a better ROI.

To understand the impact of SMS on retail, consider the following.

  1. Offering Discounts

One of the most effective methods of using SMS in retail is to offer discounts to customers. Make sure that your customers are up-to-date on all of your sales and specials to further drive your business.

And there’s no better way to let them know that through convenient SMS services. With SMS, you can make sure that your customers are aware of what’s going on at your business—helping them come out.

What’s more, if you make sure to offer exclusive discounts for those who sign up for text alerts, you can expect to see an increase in the number of individuals on your SMS list.

This strategy, known as enticement, can be a great way to encourage customers to opt-in to your SMS list.

  1. Offering Rewards

This can also be done by offering rewards. Can customers receive a special discount or coupon for using SMS? Are they eligible to take part in a special event or promotion?

By working to increase the benefits of joining SMS, you can make it much more appealing for customers in general. This will allow you to build a loyal customer base, as well as a solid SMS list. This will help pave the way for long-term success.

  1. VIP Services

In a nutshell, this means that you’ll need to treat your SMS almost like VIP service. Though customers don’t have to pay to enter, they do get quite a few perks—including specials and rewards that weren’t announced elsewhere. You may even choose to limit some discounts to coupon codes that are found in your SMS marketing.

In this way, you can build an effective SMS list that will start boosting your ROI. By implementing this as part of your digital marketing strategy, you can be sure to start increasing your profits in no time.