2-Way SMS and Clever Ways to Use Them

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To get the most from your SMS marketing strategy, you need a service that allows for 2-Way SMS. 2-Way SMS provides a powerful way for businesses to start boosting their bottom dollar, decrease lost revenue, and build a better relationship with customers and clients.

 2 way SMS features all the 2-Way SMS services you need to start taking your business to the next level. But what is 2-Way SMS, and how can it help you grow your business?

Below, we’ll take a look at this popular form of SMS marketing and see how it can start helping you cut costs and save money faster than you ever thought possible.

What Is 2-Way SMS?

In many ways, 2-Way SMS is exactly what is sounds like.

If you’ve ever received an automated text from a business, you may have noticed that some allow for responses, while some don’t.

2-Way SMS refers to automated messages that allow for consumers to reply with some form of feedback. Studies indicate that 2-Way SMS encourages greater participation on the part of consumers, as they become actively involved and invested in the messages they are receiving.

By incorporating 2-Way SMS into your marketing strategy, you can start increasing your customer traffic and build better top-of-mind awareness.

But how can you go about using 2-Way SMS in your campaign? We take a look at some of the cleverest ways to use 2-Way SMS to start seeing better growth.

How to Use Them

There are several effective ways to start using 2-Way SMS. Consider the following as you look to add them into your SMS marketing strategy.

  1. Set Appointment Reminders

One of the most important benefits of 2-Way SMS is that it allows for businesses to plan ahead for appointments.

With 2-Way SMS, businesses can bulk message patients and clients ahead of time to confirm their appointments. This serves a two-fold purpose: first, it helps remind individuals that they have an appointment, saving businesses time and money.

Second, if for any reason an appointment can’t be made, individuals have the power to respond with an automated message that will allow them to reschedule. In this way, businesses can stop losing unnecessary money.

  1. Get Feedback About Services

Want to start improving the services you offer? Use 2-Way SMS to get nearly instant feedback on your customers’ experiences.

Because most customers are likely to read their SMS, a 2-Way system can encourage them to respond almost in real-time. This allows you to have the insight you need to start improving your business’s practices.

  1. Use It as Customer Service

By using 2-Way SMS as part of your customer service routine, you can start developing a better relationship between your business and your clients.

In this way, you can build your brand’s image and have a better reputation within the market.

Areas We Service allows you to enjoy all the great benefits of 2-Way SMS. Keep in mind, however, that currently offers this option only in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in Canada.

Everything You Need to Know About HLR Lookups

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Those wishing to start employing an SMS marketing strategy within their businesses need not forego HLR lookups

If you’ve never looked into SMS marketing, this term may be new to you. However, with the proper use of HLR lookups, you can strengthen your business’s SMS marketing campaign.

For this reason, it’s important to not overlook the benefits HLR lookups can bring to your business. Below, we’ll go over what these tools are, why businesses use them, and the benefits they can bring to your business.

HLR lookup

What Are HLR Lookups?

HLR lookups, also known as HLR checking, allow businesses to get a real-time look into a Home Location Register. These registers are used to store subscriber information from various mobile networks.

By utilizing HLR lookups, companies can find out valuable information about their own subscriber data, helping them create a more useful customer list.

As we will see, HLR lookups prove especially useful for companies that wish to run an SMS marketing campaign.

What Do They Do?

HLR lookups send a query to a network’s HLR and return useful information regarding a mobile number. For example, companies can find out if a mobile number is currently active or inactive—important information for businesses looking to use SMS marketing.

Why Use Them?

So why use HLR lookups as part of your SMS marketing strategy? Below, we’ll take a look at the powerful benefits offered by HLR lookups.

As we do so, keep in mind that includes HLR lookups as part of its powerful bulk SMS marketing service.

  • Verify the Validity of Your Database

Your marketing campaign won’t be very successful if you don’t have an accurate database. Businesses need accurate subscriber information databases to make sure that their SMS strategies are performing as expected.

If a subscriber’s mobile number is inactive, for instance, you may be wasting valuable resources sending them messages. For this reason, validating databases proves an important part to maintaining a quality SMS marketing campaign.

  • Clean Your Mobile List

Additionally, the information gleaned from using HLR lookups allows businesses to clean out their mobile lists. In other words, you can eliminate any inactive numbers so that you’re servicing only active clients.

  • Get Vital Information on Networks

As noted, HLR lookups allow companies to better regulate their databases by providing critical information.

HLR lookup reports

First and foremost, HLR looks will allow businesses to ensure that only correct mobile numbers are entered. When signing up, customers will not be able to enter a fake phone number, meaning that you can ensure the validity of your data.

Furthermore, these services can make sure that the numbers of customers are providing are in service. Again, this is important to businesses actually wishing to reach consumers.

  • Reduce Costs

Finally, because you won’t be wasting time or resources sending information to fake numbers, you can reduce your company’s marketing costs.

Additionally, because you will be sending your SMS to more real people, you can ensure more value is added through your marketing campaign.

For these reasons, consider getting a service—such as—that will allow you to get real-time HLR lookup capabilities. Doing so just may take your business’s marketing strategy to the next level. releases 2-way SMS & HTTP REST API

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Our mission is simple, we want to simplify and enrich business communications, making them accessible, affordable and efficient by introducing simple to integrate, cost-effective and rich communication features.

Today we released 2 features to that direction


The first version of our HTTP REST API is ready, you can now send a single message to a number, single message to multiple recipients, and a message to an uploaded list.

More features and possibilities will be available soon, contact us for technical support and integration into your systems!


Read the docs here:



2-Way SMS feature

Easily from within the dashboard, you can click the 2-way SMS menu and Rent a number. Current availability is for USA, UK, Canada but many more countries will be released soon. If you need a particular country let us know and we can make it happen.

Click Rent Number, Choose Country, Number and Done!

Select your Virtual Numbers from our range of Geographic and Toll-Free Numbers.

Our platform makes communication simple, rent a range of numbers to use for appointment confirmations, polling, support numbers, and any other type of conversational product.

You will soon be able to set up auto-responders and callbacks back to your application

START WITH 2WAY SMS introduces HLR Number Verification

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Continuing our mission to create a complete omni channel business communication platform we are releasing our new feature the HLR Number Verification/Lookup

This feature is accessible from your web dashboard.

What is HLR Number Lookup?

With the HLR Lookup you can determine if a number is valid, invalid, inactive or has been ported. This lookup can also help you define the home network of a mobile subscriber as well as the roaming network if the mobile number is in another country than its country code.

The service is very useful for data sanitation by removing mobile numbers no longer active as well as minimisation of the SMS Marketing/Billing. Many carriers charge per attempt and by removing inactive numbers can provide considerable savings in the long run.

Another benefit is to identify the carrier of each mobile number you can optimise delivery on a pay per carrier billing model and again reduce costs.


How do I get started?

The feature is seamlesly integrated in our web platform, login in your account, and you can verify a Single Number, Paste a List, or verify a list from your List Manager.